Sitemap - 2023 - Al Anany

UPS & FedEx should now put most of their remaining budget in transportation innovation.

You Should Seriously Consider Using AI In Your Startup – An Analysis Of The Current AI Tools.

My bet on Humane AI? It will either get acquired or Zuckerberged by Apple.

Tech Giants Ending Small Startups – An Analysis Of MS Loop vs Notion.

AI Characters – Why Google & Meta are investing hundreds of millions.

Analyzing Valuation Of Pre-Revenue Subscription Startups – How Much Equity Should You Give Out?

The Rich Folks Are Force Feeding Us AI

Scalability – Analysing The Bankruptcy of WeWork (Raised $21 Billion Then Went Public)

You Need To Know More About Claude – The $6B Amazon & Google Backed ChatGPT Rival.

Artificial Intelligence is Pushing The Cloud's Limits – Here's A Fictional Pitch Deck.

Meta Is Teasing The VR Hype That Apple Will Start in 2024.

LinkedIn Investor Cold-Intro — An Intelligent Approach.

Analyzing Microsoft's $81 Billion Of Investments & Acquisitions – They're Betting on an AI Metaversical World.

Focusing On The Market Opportunity Of Your Deck/Plan – A Hands-on Use Case.

Humans Are Abusing AI – We Need Human Content Now More Than Ever.

Should Your Exit Strategy Be An IPO or A Merger/Acquisition? Analysing The $27.7 Billion Acquisition of Slack.

Apple Might Replace Google With Their Own Search Engine.

My 3-Phased System Of Creating A Pitch Deck For $100M+ Clients.

Meta Is Getting Desperate To Reach Younger Audiences With A New Rude Chatbot.

The Step-by-Step Methodology That I Used To Raise Funds For A Startup.

Disney’s Downfall Was Only A Matter Of Time — Mickey’s Too Old.

1 Month to Apply to YC – Stripe ($50b), Airbnb ($93b), & Coinbase ($20b) Were in Y Combinator.

Meta Going After ChatGPT – Why The H*ck Is Everyone Working On AI?

Are You In The Seed To Series B Round? Raising $1M-$40M? Do You Have $250k+ ARR? This is a Warm Introduction Opportunity.

Mercedes will never kill Tesla – It's Blackberry vs. Apple all over again.

How A Single Message Got My Pre-Traction Client A $500k Seed Investment.

From Never Writing An Article To 750k Views, 11.8k Followers, & $40,000+ in 1.5 Years.