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Would you consider a startup with the following as traction a month out pre-launch/revenue? 9 Travel partnerships secured that will enhance:

User adoption speed

Brand awareness

Tech integrations utilizing machine learning tools

25 Tour companies signed rev/share contracts

Waitlist collected for launch:

250+ Travelers

50 + Owners

39 Property Manager/firms across USA

The prototype was successfully implemented within a test market, validating its alignment with the market demand, and the initial scope of features for the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is now set for launch mid September.

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It's surely traction. But it goes down to the vc-specific requirements.

Keep subscribing to Warm Intro, for instance, the next one going out next week is from a vc who, and I quote, "There is some flexibility with startups that are R&D heavy and pre-revenue within industries such as Med/HealthTech, DeepTech, Web3, Quantum Computing etc."

So in some cases, VCs would accept that.

But aside from that, impressive results Will.

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Thank you!

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